Welcome to the JamBase V3 API

JamBase is the most comprehensive database of live music events. We've created our API in order to arm all of you creative developers with our concert info which you can then feed into your apps and websites. Whether you're looking to display dates for a single artist or location, sets of bands or venues, or anything in between, this is the perfect place for you!


Getting Started

Follow the steps below to start building your first JamBase powered application:

Request Limit

We limit the number of requests so we can manage demand for the service to deliver the best performance. We are happy to increase this. If you'd like a higher call limit, please email us at developer@jambase.com

  • Limit calls to 50 per day, per API key (not a lot, we know, but just contact us if you want more!)
  • Limit queries to 2 per second, per API key

Requesting JSON or XML

Authentication: All API calls need to include the authentication parameter "&api_key=" + key.


Request Format: Jambase API will return results in JSON or XML as requested by your application's X Accept Header. However, you can also request a format by passing o=json or o=xml parameter:


Terms of Use

JamBase provides this API for non-commercial use. When you apply for an API key, you agree to follow the JamBase API Terms of Use. Those terms are fairly straightforward, but here are a few highlights:

  • You need to include links to JamBase.com.
  • You should not design or name your app so it creates the impression that JamBase built it or is actively endorsing it.
  • You must display a JamBase logo or text with" JamBase™" on your site or application. Please review the Attribution Guidelines to see all details but here are some examples:
    • “[Your Awesome App] uses JamBase™"
    • “[Your Awesome App] powered by JamBase™"
    • “[Your Awesome App] for JamBase™"
  • You can use the JamBase logo in place of the word, if you follow the guidelines (summary of the guidelines: Do not under any circumstances alter or change or manipulate the logo in any way whatsoever).
  • Download the logo from our documentation pages.
  • When writing our name in a normal sentence, “JamBase” is always spelled with a capital ‘J’ and ‘B’

In addition, all websites and applications that present data from the JamBase API must adhere to the Attribution Guidelines which includes among other things that you display a "JamBase" logo or on your site or application. Please review the Attribution Guidelines to see all details.

Attribution Guidelines

To comply with the JamBase API Terms of Use, you must display attribution on your web site or client application if JamBase API content or data are served from your website or client application. Please adhere to the following usage guidelines:

a. Linking.

When using the JamBase API, you must provide a link to JamBase.com using the standard linking format on your site for each event using the link provided from the API's 'event_url' node.

b. JamBase Logo

All data provided by the JamBase API must be accompanied by approved JamBase attribution or JamBase Logo that links directly to www.JamBase.com. Logos cannot be resized or edited in any fashion. If JamBase Data is used in alternative media formats, equivalent attribution must be given to JamBase. Prior written consent from JamBase is required to use JamBase Data without attribution.

Example Attribution:

**Concert information provided by <a href="http://www.jambase.com">JamBase</a>**

Here's a logo you can use to adhere to our attribution requirements:

JamBase Logo (140x70)

Here's the HTML code:

<a href="http://www.JamBase.com" target="_top" title="JamBase Concert Search">
<img src= "http://images.jambase.com/logos/jambase140x70.gif" alt="Search JamBase Concerts" border="0" /></a>

JamBase Fav Icon (16x16)

Developers can also include the JamBase Fav Icon in their applications if the regularly sized logo does not fit with their schema. This logo needs to be appropriately link to the relevant event page or JamBase homepage.

For sample implementations please see the JamBase API Applications Gallery

<span style="font-size: 12px; white-space: normal;" _mce_style="font-size: 12px; white-space: normal;"> </span>

Deprecation Notice

The current version of the API is V3. The previous Jambase V2 API was deprecated on July 10th 2013. 

About the Data in this API

The data available through the JamBase API is derived primarily from aggregated data. Although JamBase attempts to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, it does not represent, warrant or guarantee the accuracy of that data (more at Terms of Use). While JamBase works hard to include as many concert listings as possible, we are dependent on music industry professionals and live music fans to provide this information and so consequently you may not see complete concert listings for all geographic regions.

We will be adding more data into the API into the future, if there is something you'd like to see then let us know! (We've got it all...)