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The JamBase API enables outside applications to make calls to acquire JamBase data. All calls are available to any developer through a standard Rest-based format.

Request Format

Authentication: All API calls need to include the authentication parameter "&apikey=" + key.


Zip code: Include "zip" parameter as a 5 digit U.S. zipcode to filter results by location. If no radius parameter is provided, a default of 50 miles will be used:


Radius: Include "radius" parameter to change location filter:


Band: Include "band" parameter to include results only for that artist:


BandID: Include "bandID" parameter to include results only for that artist based on thier JamBase bandID:


Limit Results: Include "startdate" and/or "enddate" parametersr to limit the results to specific dates


optional: also include "n" parameter to limit results a specific number of shows

User: Include "user" parameter to limit the results to only that My JamBase user's favorite artists:

("jambase" is an actual My JamBase user for "JamBase Picks")

Combination: Include any of the above together to mix the results:


Sample API Response

	<Results_Title>San Francisco, CA</Results_Title> 
				<artist_name>Stu Allen</artist_name> 



To comply with the JamBase API Terms of Use, you must display attribution on your web site or client application if JamBase API content or data are served from your website or client application. Please adhere to the following usage guidelines:

a. Linking.

When using the JamBase API, you must provide a link to JamBase.com using the standard linking format on your site for each event using the link provided from the API's 'event_url' node.

b. JamBase Logo

All data provided by the JamBase API must be accompanied by approved JamBase attribution or JamBase Logo that links directly to www.JamBase.com. Logos cannot be resized or edited in any fashion. If JamBase Data is used in alternative media formats, equivalent attribution must be given to JamBase. Prior written consent from JamBase is required to use JamBase Data without attribution.

Example Attribution:

**Concert information provided by <a href="http://www.jambase.com">JamBase</a>**

Here's a logo you can use to adhere to our attribution requirements:

JamBase Logo (140x70)

Here's the HTML code:

<a href="http://www.JamBase.com" target="_top" title="JamBase Concert Search">
<img src= "http://images.jambase.com/logos/jambase140x70.gif" alt="Search JamBase Concerts" border="0" /></a>

JamBase Fav Icon (16x16)

Developers can also include the JamBase Fav Icon in their applications if the regularly sized logo does not fit with their schema. This logo needs to be appropriately link to the relevant event page or JamBase homepage.

For sample implementations please see the JamBase API Applications Gallery

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